Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Power of Words

The cover story for the September 13 edition of Time magazine ("Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace") seemed shallow and biased. I felt Israel was being judged simply because its people seem to be trying to live normal lives. Israel's ambassador wrote a response that appeared as an op/ed piece in the September 15 edition of the Los Angles Times.

If you haven't seen either article, follow both links and read the stories. Then ask yourself why Time magazine chose to present Israel as it did.

Are there some in Israel who don't want peace with the Palestinians? Yes. Are there Palestinians who don't want to make peace with Israel? Certainly Hamas, among others, comes to mind. They have already attacked civilians on the roadways and shot rockets into Israel in an effort to derail the current peace talks.

To paint all Israel with a broad brush (as Time did on its front cover...and in the article) while failing to note the problem on the Palestinian side appears unfair and one-sided. What do you think?

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