Thursday, February 3, 2011

Important Message from Egypt

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a dear friend which, in turn, contained a forwarded e-mail from an Egyptian believer. I was so awed by the e-mail that I asked my friend if it would be alright to post it for other believers. After checking with the original author, I was given that permission.

Please read through the following e-mail, and make it a matter of prayer. Then send a link to this post to all your friends. We need to get as many people as possible here in the U.S. to join in praying for our brothers and sisters in Egypt!


The church in Egypt is fasting and praying (in homes, because all church buildings are closed), believing God for a breakthrough for the nation.

Here are some key points for prayer:

  • The future of the country, and the entire Middle East, is in the balance right now. Many are rightfully concerned that, taking advantage of the chaos, violence and looming power vacuum, the Muslim Brotherhood will try to step in as the key player in determining the fate of the nation. If that takes place, the consequences will be grave for Egypt and her neighbors. The church is praying that the Lord spare us this fate, and interceding for some form of stable government to emerge and lead us gradually to freedom and democracy. Let’s be in agreement for this miracle.
  • Thugs have taken to the streets, beating and abusing the demonstrators. They have also started many fires to damage property (public buildings, police stations, even—unsuccessfully—our national treasures at the Egyptian Museum). Please pray that the demonic forces behind these people will be thwarted and that their schemes will be aborted. Pray for every hidden plot to come to light (there are lots of conspiracy theories swirling already, and much confusion as a result). Pray that the hand of the enemy, forcing its way in to literally steal, kill and destroy will be exposed and arrested, and that the nation will be protected.
  • Please pray for the safety and protection of the people. Police forces disappeared last Friday night which lead to a lot of sabotage, looting, armed robbery, etc. People have had to band together to protect their families and homes with kitchen knives, sticks, tire irons, etc. It has been an amazing show of unity and love, bringing together folks from all walks of life, and from different faiths. Pray against the spirit of fear.
  • Finally, please pray that the prophetic destiny of Egypt will advance in the face of all this turmoil. Plead the blood of Jesus over this land. Pray that what the enemy has meant for harm, the Lord will turn to good and use for the fulfillment of His divine plans and purposes for the nation.

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  1. Thank you, Charles! I put your blog on my blog's reading list.
    Dana Kruckenberg