Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Online Photos from the Middle East

I'm always on the lookout for photos from biblical sites in the Middle East. One excellent web site where you can find such photos is Holy Land Photos maintained by Dr. Carl Rasmussen, author of The Zondervan Atlas of the Bible. Dr. Rasmussen has compiled over 3,000 online photos from over 300 different locations in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Cyprus. Access to the photos is free, though he does accept donations to help maintain the site. This web site is worth visiting...and bookmarking!

One final item. I know firsthand that Dr. Rasmussen continues to update his site. And how do I know this? A little over a year ago I heard reports that archaeologists were uncovering a section of Jerusalem's old wall on the edge of the Hinnom Valley. I had a free afternoon so I hiked over to the site...and ran into Dr. Rasmussen and his wife who were checking out the same discovery!

Click on the link above to visit a great site...maintained by a great guy...who has also authored an excellent Bible Atlas!

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