Monday, October 4, 2010

Reliable News Sources on the Middle East

Where can one go to find reliable news about events in the Middle East? The reality is that there is not a single comprehensive source. I read a number of different news sources to try to get a balanced perspective on what is happening. Below are links to some of the online sources I visit on a regular basis.

Let me hasten to add that I do not consider all of these to be reliable. I definitely trust some more than others to provide a balanced coverage of events within the Middle East. But I believe you ought to look at all the sources and then bookmark the ones you feel provide the most objective approach to events. (Trust me, I think you will be able to determine this on your own!)

For news from a Jewish perspective:
Jerusalem Post — One of my favorite sites, it provide a good perspective on events
Haaretz — A good news source, though from a more liberal perspective
Arutz Sheva — A third solid source for news from Israel

For news from an Arab perspective:
Al Jazeera — A news organization similar in style to CNN, but from an Arab perspective
Jerusalem Daily — A daily news source from a Palestinian perspective
Jordan Times — A daily newspaper from Amman providing a Jordanian perspective on events

Other news sources to visit:
CAMERACommittee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a site that seeks to expose some of the excesses and inaccuracies in reporting on the Middle East
Ynetnews — An online site that seeks to collate other online sources
OliveTreeNews — An online site that seeks to collate sources from a variety of perspectives
The Palestinian Information Center — A site collating events from a Palestinian perspective

Governmental sites to visit:
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Israel's official position relating to current events
Islamic Republic News Agency — Iran's official news agency

I hope you find these sources helpful!

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