Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Digging out the truth

One of the first victims in the current Middle East conflict has been truth. It takes time to sort through all the competing rhetoric to provide balanced, fair reporting. The incessant demands of a 24-hour news cycle--and the blending of news and entertainment--have resulted in news reports that are often more propaganda than factual reporting. This is true through all aspects of the media, but it seems to be more common in stories focused on events in the Middle East.

Where can one go to dig beneath the surface and discover the truth?

One of the best online sources I know is CAMERA--Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. This site researches claims made in various media reports and digs beneath the surface to provide specific factual data on biased reporting, biased reporters, and biased sources. This level of research takes time, so some items have become "old news" by the time CAMERA finally issues a report. Still, I find their content very compelling. And they provide sources and links, which adds a level of transparency that is sadly lacking in many other media reports.

Want to read an example of their work? Look at their report on the anti-Israel article that appeared in the Julliard Journal...and follow the different links to track the level of research they have done to support their conclusions.

This is a site you ought to bookmark and visit on a regular basis. Truth is still the best defense against error!

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