Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Humor for a Tuesday

Most news from the Middle East is sad or serious. So it's nice when one comes across a news item that is genuinely humorous.

Take, for instance, today's report that the Iranians discovered a Star of David on the roof of the national headquarters of Iran Air in downtown Tehran. (You can see it in the center of the picture to the left, at the point where the three wings of the building intersect.) It turns out the building was constructed by Israeli engineers sometime before the Islamic revolution in 1979. Is the Star of David deliberate, or is it simply a decorative element? No one knows for sure, but the Iranian government is very upset about the discovery and has ordered the symbol to be removed immediately.

Poor Iran! They have the Stuxnet virus gumming up their computers, and an undetected Star of David sitting on the roof of their national airline for 31 years! They must be even more paranoid about Israel!

If you would like to find the Star of David for yourself on Google Earth, go to 51.319 degrees east longitude and 35.696 degrees north latitude. Have fun...and keep smiling!

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  1. I just check it , they covered the Star of davood , but tnx for sharing