Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ideal Airport Security

Imagine an airport screening device that could quickly detect terrorists at airport security...even if the terrorists were unarmed. And imagine the device could do this without subjecting passengers to invasive body scans! A recent article suggests this system could soon be a reality.

This very device is under development by Ehud Givon, CEO of WeCU Technologies in Caesarea, Israel. According to the company's website, the device will offer several advantages to the current systems of airport security.
  • No bottlenecks. The system can be operated without interfering with existing work processes and without interrupting the flow.
  • Covertness. The system does not require the subject’s cooperation. Subjects are not aware of being screened.
  • Privacy protection. The system is non-invasive and works without human interrogation.
  • No discrimination, There is no violation of human rights. The system is absolutely objective and does not profile or discriminate against subjects in any way.
  • Independent and reliable. The system identifies individuals without requiring any sort of a-priori information or alarming signals, while being highly accurate.
  • Resistant to countermeasures. Even trained persons will not be able to cheat the system.
How is such a system possible? It is based on the behavioral profiling techniques currently used by Israel to detect suspicious passengers. The new system will use noninvasive biometric sensors to detect small, involuntary physiological responses to questions. Within 30 seconds it will be able to evaluate the potential threat of any passenger.

This system fundamentally differs from the approach currently employed in the U.S. The goal of our screening process is to find potential weapons or explosives. This requires all passengers to undergo the same level of scrutiny. The Israeli approach focuses on identifying terrorists, not their weapons. If this new system, and approach, could be implemented throughout the U.S., the vast majority of passengers could go through security after answering a few simple questions while only a small minority would be subject to additional screening.

Just think, a system that could eliminate the need to take off one's shoes, place one's computer in a separate bin, or go through an invasive body scan.

Where do we sign up!

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