Saturday, January 29, 2011

Freedom...or Firestorm?

Will the current events unfolding in Egypt lead to democracy...or to even greater repression? Right now it's hard to tell, but I'm concerned about the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the uprising. One real danger is that the current situation could by hijacked by this group and used to promote their vision of establishing a fundamentalist Islamic state.

While those in the West compare the current events in the Middle East to the fall of the Iron Curtain, I see parallels to the fall of the Shah of Iran and his replacement by an Islamic republic. The revolution in Iran brought repression, not democracy, and it produced a country that has become one of the leading exporters of terrorism worldwide.

Pray for our government leaders and ask God to help them make wise decisions in how they respond the situation. And pray for the believers (national and foreign) in Egypt and in the other troubled areas. Ask God to keep them safe, and ask Him to help them be effective witnesses for Him in a very dark and chaotic time.

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