Friday, October 14, 2011

Mobile Sukkah Brigade

This picture, with accompanying article, in Ynetnews caught my attention. While it might look like a convoy of ice cream trucks, it's actually a group off-road trucks leased by the Chabad movement, one of the largest groups within Orthodox Judaism.

Each truck has a portable sukkah mounted in back. The trucks are now traveling throughout Israel to help people celebrate the Feast of Sukkot. (In Leviticus 23 Israel was commanded to live in booths during the seven-day Feast of Sukkot.) On their website, Chabad also provides instructions on how to build a sukkah for those Jews who might not have been observant in the past but who would now like to celebrate the feast.

I was encouraged by the article...though I also felt a need to go out and order a large soft serve chocolate-and-vanilla ice cream!

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