Sunday, October 30, 2011

Slanted reporting by BBC

There was a time when I thought the BBC--the British Broadcasting Company--was a standard for objective reporting of world news. Sadly, I learned long ago this is not the case. But I'm still surprised when I come across blatant examples of biased reporting coming from the BBC.

As I write this from Israel, I'm shaking my head at the BBC report I just read. The headline reads "New Israeli air strike into Gaza after 'ceasefire.'" The headline suggests that Israel violated its ceasefire with Hamas. The opening summary paragraph also lays blame on Israel for breaking the ceasefire. "One Palestinian was killed in a new Israeli air strike in Gaza, hours after Egypt apparently brokered a ceasefire."

So what's the problem? Well, the reality is that the Israeli air strike targeted a terrorist squad preparing to fire a rocket into Israel. It was the terrorists who were going to break the ceasefire, and Israel responded with the air strike to prevent that attack. The BBC finally says this...twenty paragraphs into a twenty-five paragraph story! And even then they couch it in a way that casts doubt on Israel's motives. "Israel's military said its aircraft 'targeted a terrorist squad... that was preparing to launch long-range rockets'." Come on BBC! Don't you think this might just be a little relevant to the story?!?

Do you want a more accurate account of the event? Try reading the Jerusalem Post article on the same subject. Their headline reads, "IDF strikes Gaza cell attempting to launch rocket at Israel."

The BBC ought to blush with shame at its lack of objectivity on this story!

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